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This bot is to find and track your family and friends as well as a lost device in

This bot is to find and track your family and friends as well as a lost device in your home. Now you just need to type on your messenger where your son or daughter is to get there location and find my phone to ring your phone loudly even when it’s on silent. You need our phone app which need to be linked to your starfish account. Every member of your family also needs to have our mobile app on there phone and logged in with same account as yourself. You can assign a phone it’s name by selecting a relationship in the phone app. Every-time a user’s phone location is accessed we send them a notification to let them know that the phone location is accessed by Starfish Mint. We run location gathering service from our servers to avoid chewing up your phone batteries and your location is accessed every eight hours or when requested from any enabled device.

Typical setup process is as below:

1. Register for a Starfish account

2. Enable our bot on any messenger (Telegram, Skype, Bing, Facebook Messenger)

3. As part of enabling bot link your starfish account with bot

4. Download our Mobile app from either Android or iOS app store. We send download links in our welcome pack or you can search “Starfish Mint” in respective app stores. Both the apps are free to download

5. Goto Mobile services section and login to your starfish account

6. On next screen select how you will like to identify the phone. You can select “”Myself”” for your own phone

6. You are all setup. Now goto Google Assistant and say ” Starfish Track for where is my phone”

Click here for how to setup our mobile app for Starfish Track

To get location use :

where is dad

where is Mom

where is my son

where is everyone – This will get everyone’s location in a single call

To ring devices loudly use:

find my phone

find dad’s phone

find mom’s phone

Note – Everyone is not supported for ringing loudly

We have also merged Starfish Dico with Starfish Track on bots. So you can use Starfish Track to also broadcast short messages via our mobile app. You can commands like below:

tell everyone Movie has started

tell my husband to bring popcorns

tell my Son it’s homework time

tell my dad I am running late

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