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HOT NEW BOTS RELEASED!! - Starfish UK -It is our flagship bot and has modules for UK tube

It is our flagship bot and has modules for UK tube network, UK National Rail network, BBC News, Premier league club news, Motorway status. To enable the bot search “Starfish UK” in companion app action section and enable “Starfish UK” bot which will take you to our login page. Your account is linked as soon as you successfully login. If you navigate to “Starfish UK” link you can save your preferences for tube,Rail,Motorway,Type of news and football club you support.

The easiest way to access the bot through bots is by sending how is my day. This plays out everything you have stored on Starfish UK page. There are other prompts to access individual modules as below:

tube status – This is for Tube module

rail status at (Your city Name) – This to get status of trains at a station ex: rail status at Norwich

next departure from (a city) to (a city) – This is to get next departure for your train travel. Your city combination need to be on the same line as it can’t plan a travel. Ex: next departure from Norwich to London Liverpool Street.

for news – This will play out top 10 news from BBC website.

how is (Your Motorway) – This will play out status of a motor way. Ex: how is M25.

tell me about (Premier League club Name) – This will play out news from Daily Mail website on a particular premier League club. tell me about Arsenal.

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