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Introducing Starfish Analytics for Businesses

Starfish Mint is all about technology. We have a team of amazing and talented staff who are always

Starfish Mint is all about technology. We have a team of amazing and talented staff who are always looking for new ways to make technology work for businesses. From improving business process and reaching out to customers to making your business stand out from the crowd, we offer a lot of solutions that fit the long-term needs of the business.

Recently we have launched a new Analytics program that can help business owners to get detailed, insight information about the online users. The Analytics platform provides out-of-the-box access to several key performance indicators (KPIs).

How are the Online Users Interacting..

Using the Analytics platform, business owners can get insights about how online users are interacting. The program can track how users interact with an action, a feature, or a chat bot. Website owners can find out what requests the users are making when interacting with the website. This information can prove invaluable in fine-tuning the services for more improved customer service.

Which Platform use are using..


Another important feature of our new Analytic program is that it can display what channels the users are using the most. You can know which business bot platforms are the most popular. The Analytic will analyse customers’ queries across multiple platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Actions, Microsoft Cortana, Telegram, Skype, etc. It will display information about the number of times the online users made queries using specific keywords in each platform.

Which Locale are Users Using..

Our Analytics program will present a graphical representation about the geographical location of the online users. The information is in the form of a pie diagram. Looking at the diagram, you can easily get an overview of where most the online users are located.

Who are Our Users..

With you Analytics program, you can also know about who are the users. This information is also presented in the form of a pie diagram. The diagram is colour coded that will allow you to find out who spends the most time interacting with the online services.

Which skills are being used..

A key feature of the Analytics platform is that it can provide a complete trace of user interaction using a unique token. You can know the number of times users used a specific keyword. The feature provides an overview of user interaction related to that token.

Geo Location off users..

Geo-location is probably the most useful feature of our Analytics program. A map highlights the geographical areas where the online users are located. The information can be used to better personalise the content, marketing message and promotional programs for improved results.

In conclusion, the new Analytics platform launched by Starfish Mint helps business owners discover interactive patterns. You can use the Analytics program to analyseuser interactions, track sources, identify geographical locations, and much more.

For more information about Analytics platform developed by Starfish Mint for businesses, you can contact us by dialling +447922673577, or send us an email at We are a voice interaction design and development company working with all popular voice platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Crotona.

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