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Starfish Video

You can search all videos from one drive account.

“Alexa, ask Starfish Video to show all videos”

“Alexa,ask Starfish Video to show cat videos”

“Alexa,ask Starfish Video to show holiday videos”

“Alexa, ask Starfish Agent to get my company details”


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This skill can stream videos from your one drive if you own a alexa enabled display device like Amazon Show. You can name your video files with key words if you want to play a single video file or you can fetch all your videos and select the video you want to play. We search root of one drive and all folders root within the root of one drive for any video files. If Microsoft one drive can recognise your file as video file like .mp4 files then we can fetch and play it through Amazon Show. Typical setup process is as below:

1. If you don’t use any of our existing skills then get an account at or you can signing using Amazon or Google account
2. Link your account with Amazon Alexa. This gets triggered when you enable the skill.
3. Login to your Starfishmint account using the same account you have linked with Alexa and Link your one drive with Starfish Account. This link is available in Starfish Video section.
4. Subscribe to Starfish services using the subscribe button. A 24 hour trial gets activated on your first login or linking your account if you will like to try out first.
5. Use commands specified in the skill to interact with Starfish Video

Note – We are not endorsed by Microsoft and only use their open api to access one drive and its resources.


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