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Starfish Track

Hey Cortana, Talk to starfish track
Hey Cortana,  Talk to starfish track for find my phone
Hey Cortana,  Talk to starfish track about where is dad
Hey Cortana,  Talk to star fishtrack for tell everyone dinner is ready
Hey Cortana,  Talk to starfish track about where is mom


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You can use the skill to find locations of your loved ones as well as yourself. Also you can ring a lost phone loudly even if it’s on silent mode. You are able to ring phones of all people who are linked to your household account on Starfish. To mute the sound, click on the alert you receive or open our app “Starfish Mint” on your phone. You will need our mobile app and a subscribed user id to be shared between households. Every time you request someone’s location they get an alert and you get to know where they are. To link your mobile phone download our Android or IOS app and go to the Mobile Services/Starfish Track section. Note – Starfish skills are a subscription based service and we charge $1.99/year to use our skills

Getting started

1. Register at

2. Activate your account by clicking the link in the email we send after registration.

3. Subscribe to Starfish Mint services by clicking Subscribe button on the Home page

4. Download our Mobile app from the Android or iOS app store. You will receive download links in our welcome pack or you can find the “Starfish Mint” in your app store. Starfish Mint is free to download

5. Go to the Mobile services section and login to your Starfish account

6. On the next screen select how you would like to identify the phone. You can select “Myself” for your own phone

7. Install and identify every phone you want to find or track.

8. Link your Starfish Account with Cortana.


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