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Starfish Drive

You can play all your songs from Google Drive

“Ok Google, ask Starfish Drive to play love songs”

“Ok Google, ask Starfish Drive to play Ed Sheeran”

“Ok Google, ask Starfish Drive to play I took a pill in Ibiza”


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You can use this skill to play your own music stored in Google Drive. This skill relies on you having an account on This account links up with skill when you first interact with it.

Getting started

1. Get an account on

2. You need to have Google account and music stored in cloud. We cannot play songs stored on your phone or PC.

3. Subscribe to Starfish services if you do not have a subscription already. You can subscribe after you login to our website. There is a 24 hour trial period available for trying out our services.

4. Link your Google drive account to Starfish Account. You can link in Starfish Drive area on Starfish’s website.

5. Link your account with Google actions. This gets triggered when you first access this skill on Google assistant.

6. You can play all your songs by using the first example phrase.

7. To play subset of your songs you will need to name your files with keywords. You can also create playlist on our website and mobile app. Or you can ask Google Home to play a folder containing music files

Terms & Requirements

This skill is not endorsed by Google and we are only using Google’s public API to access your music files.


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