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Starfish Band

You can use the skill to play all your health statistics from Microsoft health account. User need to linkup this skill during registration process.

“Hey Cortana, ask starfish band for calories used today”

“Hey Cortana, ask starfish band for my fitness report”

“Hey Cortana, ask starfish band for my weight”


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Access your health statistics from your connected Microsoft Health account. More details at

Getting started

1. Register at

2. Activate your account by clicking link in the email we send after registration.

3. Subscribe to Starfish Mint services by clicking Subscribe button on Home page. Starfish skills is a subscription based service and we charge $1.99/year to use our skills.

4. Link your Microsoft Health account by clicking link under Home/Starfish Fit

5. Link Cortana with your Starfish Account.

Terms & Requirements

As we cannot identify users on voice systems we can only link one Cortana device to one user.


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