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Starfish Audio

Ok Google, talk to Starfish audio to play cheap thrills

Ok Google,talk to Starfish audio to play Ed Sheeran

Ok Google, talk to Starfish audio to play all songs

Ok Google, talk to Starfish audio to play playlist 1


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You can use the skill to play music stored in your Microsoft OneDrive.

Getting started

1. Register at

2. Activate your account by clicking link in the email we send after registration.

3. Subscribe to Starfish Mint services by clicking Subscribe button on Home page

4. Link your Microsoft OneDrive by clicking link under Home/Starfish Audio

5. Upload your songs to OneDrive account you have just linked.

6. View titles of Songs you have just uploaded at

7. Ask Google Assistant to play the title you want to play.

A typical flow of commands will be as below:

Ok Google, Talk to Starfish Audio

As a result of that you will get a welcome prompt. After the Mic is thrown back to you you can send your play commands:

Valid commands after welcome prompt is:

play All songs (To play every song in your one drive)
play <song title> (To play individual songs. Note- Make sure song titles are in a supported language)
play folder <folder name> (To play a particular folder in one drive inside Apps/Starfish folder)
play playlist <playlist number> (To play a playlist number. You can create playlists on our website)

Once the music is playing, You can say things like:

OK Google, Next (To get next song)
OK Google, Previous (To navigate a song back)
Ok Google, Shuffle (To shuffle songs)
Ok Google, loop on (To loop list of songs)
Ok Google, stop (To gracefully exit from Starfish Audio)

Terms & Requirements

We are only using public api of Microsoft OneDrive and this skill is not endorsed by Microsoft.


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