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Starfish Agent

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“Alexa, ask Starfish Agent to get my accounts”

“Alexa, ask Starfish Agent for my invoices”

“Alexa, ask Starfish Agent to get my tax information”

“Alexa, ask Starfish Agent to get my company details”


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This skill links up with Starfish business accounts. If you have free agent configured in Starfish Business section then you can get all your accounting information from free agent using voice channels. At this time we only allow information retrieval but soon you will be able to write and send invoices using all voice channels. If you don’t already have a Starfish Business accounts and not familiar with Starfish skills then follow the process below to set up this skill:

1. Register for Starfish Business Account at

2. Login to and configure all services you need. For Freeagent you will need to link your account with Freeagent account.

3. Link your Skill with Starfish Business Account. We send a Link account card. Link account card can be found in Home section of Alexa companion app

We are not endorsed by freeagent and only using their open api. You can look at freeagent terms of service here


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