Google is a global company and web is it’s bread and butter. The primary issue with Google is they want to be the internet not just part of it. They have hand twisted all certification providers to change the way Google wants them to behave just because now they have monopoly on web browser. They are forcing small developers to adopt their cloud systems by hand twisting them and enforcing algorithms meant to allow google to extract information. They can switch off any website on the internet without offering any chance for the website owner to get into a dialogue or correct information “Google don’t like”. For instance our password_reset page is now a phishing url because I believe it has two words password and reset.

History has proved when a company gets bigger than it should be it falls faster and heavier. With their current ways of working it’s not far when Google will fall and someone sensible will appear to grow internet and it’s community in a collective manner and not like bunch of crooks trying to force themselves on internet. I see Amazon as such company to take the mantle and make internet for all again.


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